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ICCA photos taken by Joe Martinez.

Hi! I'm Elise and I'm a 23-year-old choreographer, currently based out of the wonderful city of Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks for checking out my site and keep reading to learn more about me! 

Elise Schroeder, a nationally renowned a cappella choreographer, is passionate about teaching and sharing her love for dance with musical groups of all kinds. Elise received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2022. There, she was a  member of the gender-inclusive, treble voiced a cappella group, Pitches and Notes, as bass and choreographer. In her senior year with Pitches and Notes, they became the 2022 ICCA Champions, and on that journey Elise won Outstanding Choreography at the Quarter, Semi and Final levels of that competition year. Throughout her time in the group, Elise was honored to be a Pitch and to create other works such as music videos and recorded music. 

Her work has been featured on the stages of The Towne Hall in NYC, Hamel Music Center in Madison, WI, Athenaeum Theater in Chicago, IL and more. Elise has also designed and choreographed multiple music videos for a cappella groups to specifically showcase their dancing and performing abilities. 

Elise graduated from Edina High School (MN) in 2017 where she was a dedicated member, leader, and performer in choir, a cappella, band, dance team, and pom squad. With her skills in multiple musical genres, Elise has choreographed for dance teams, marching bands, drama productions, show choirs, and more. 


Elise is a fearless and unique creator that has extensive experience with storytelling through movement. She takes pride in her abilities in teaching her choreography as well as the creation, which assists and motivates students with the overall execution. She works hard to collaborate with musical groups in discovering their movement needs and finding their specific style that matches their skill level and overall group identity. Additionally, she takes pride in her ability to tell a story with movement, and when she works with a group she is fully committed to helping tell their story. In her classes, Elise creates a challenging yet safe space for everyone to absorb her techniques and dance moves in an exciting way.

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