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Interested in experiencing my class? Check out this video below from when I taught at NACC 2023 in Orlando, Florida!




Outside of creating choreography for competition stages, I travel and teach Masterclasses and Workshops to musical groups across the country. Within my classes, I maintain engagement with my high-energy and student-involvement style. I teach vital movement skills through lecture, demonstrations, and dance-combination sessions. Not only do my sessions give students examples of powerful choreography to use with various music genres, they also allow students to put taught concepts into practice right away. Therefore, my classes show results immediately.  


Need assistance with your teams' choreography? Getting close to competition season and need tips and advice on how to advance the movement with your set? I'd love to help! I'll work with your individual team during an a cappella festival or come to your school for private classes. I work to find possible areas of improvement or teach additions to your choreography. I love finding areas to add more engaging dance moves, cleaning and drilling spots that look more messy to judges, and making small changes that add to your groups overall story instead of subtract. With my high standards for movement, these classes transform routines, bringing your team to the highest level of authenticity and professionalism. 


When teaching a large amount of students and teams in a Masterclass setting, I love to teach vital choreography concepts as well as begin to put these in to practice. As a clinician, I come to festivals and teach my detailed steps to award-winning choreography. Within my lectures students learn concepts and become inspired to create their own choreography, along with gain the tools to do so. My classes demonstrate choreographed moves along with how to utilize these moves to highlight lyrics, song storylines, and the emotions of the group. Throughout long festival days with students running from class to class, my sessions are fresh and energized and are a space where the students want to learn and have the opportunity to get up and move. 


Milwaukappella photos taken by FlashFire Productions (top row, and bottom right).

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