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Recorded Music

This project is very special to me and represents my previous experiences in collegiate a cappella. Each of these songs I had the privilege to be a part of with Pitches and Notes as a bass. The most recent album featured here is titled CENTERED. The beautiful cover art was created by my extremely talented friend and teammate, Maia Grosser, who utilized my drawings of the formations that were in our 2022 Championship set. The white dots in the water show all our hard work while the red dots represent us as a team. Each dot is a member of our group who performed on the stage in NYC while the 18th dot represents our supporters, whose support made our presence on that stage possible. The water reminds us of the beautiful lakes in Madison, WI, our home, reminding us no matter where we go to always stay grounded and centered and to work together as a team to achieve our goals. I hope to keep expanding this project and recording music in the future. You can find all of these singles, albums, and EP's on Apple Music and Spotify.

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