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Pitches and Notes 2022 Choreography

Our 2022 Championship Set

In my senior year in Pitches and Notes, I had the privilege of choreographing our ICCA set. Throughout this year, when we became ICCA Champions, I was also honored to receive 'Outstanding Choreography' Awards at all three levels of the competition. This set really allowed me to play into my strengths in each genre of music. With our opener, Animal by Aurora, we became ferocious animals, taking control of the stage and using the theme of a "cage" throughout the routine to show our amazing soloist, Jillian Genova, being trapped and then growing and becoming more powerful, until the end of the song where we all transformed into fierce animals. Our ballad, Deepest Lonely by Birdy, was a gentle yet heart breaking love story where it felt so right to utilize two of our members to tell this story with their emotional interactions on stage. Finally our closer, Outro by MUNA, utilized unique and moving formations to complete our story with unison dance moves and recalled lyrics from the previous two songs. This story will always hold a very special place in my heart. This project features photos from ICCA Finals in NYC, taken by Photographer, Joe Martinez.

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